Hardware Developer Highlights: Wearable Technology Designer Nikita Replyanski

"People with disabilities are the first pilots of the transhumanist concepts. With the help of engineers and designers, they will change the world."

Nikita Replyanski is a product designer and concept artist working in the field of wearable technology and assistive devices. His projects focus on enhancing human abilities, self-expression, transhumanism, and fun! He has 9 years of experience working in the video game industry as a digital artist but was driven by a love for cyberpunk and sci-fi to get involved with Russia’s first startup manufacturing active prosthetic limbs. 

Motorica based in Moscow at Scolkovo Innovation Centre now has more than 200 users of their prosthetic hands. “In 2013, I started to work on prosthetic limbs with a small team. In a few years, this team became a company,” explained Nikita.

“Today, I fully immerse myself in the world of technology and design. I see the human body and mind as a canvas—a laboratory—and maze full of traps and secrets.”

This functional, cyborg-inspired prosthesis incorporates LED lights and a MIDI synthesizer.

Nikita believes that technology opens the doors to new abilities, skills, and experiences. “People with disabilities are the first pilots of the transhumanist concepts. With the help of engineers and designers, they will change the world.”

Since 2015, Motorica has been specializing in prosthetics for children but they’re now also developing prosthetics for adults. Each artificial hand is made individually, taking into account the particular configuration of the recipient’s hand and type of injury.

“I used my experience of polygonal modelling to create functional models, not limiting myself to simple forms,” said Nikita.

Measurements are taken and the design is created by Nikita and his team. Parts are later produced on a 3D printer and assembled into the semi-finished article for fitting.

“The main inspiration for me for this project is fashion and sports. I want our prosthesis to look like something you have bought from a Sports or Fashion Store and not from the hospital.”

For the prosthesis as fashion accessory Nikita chose black, the fashion world’s classic colour. He decorated the hand with feathers in the shape of a pair of wings. Model, Aymana Moldabekova is from Kazakhstan.

Nikita also worked with Snezhana Paderina to develop a spine support system that provides dynamic back support for patients suffering from medical conditions which cause joint hypermobility and chronic musculoskeletal issues that require daily spinal support. Using data assessed by an integrated neural network, the lightweight cable mechanism of the graduated spine support system can easily and precisely adjust to the wearer’s rigidity and required support level.

The Graduated Spine Support System is a corset-like device designed to provide dynamic back support for people with medical conditions that cause joint hypermobility and chronic musculoskeletal issues.

“I’m open for collaboration with tech companies and startups. Even, if they just started but work hard and have some innovative tech, I’m ready to help them if their project is interesting,” he said.

If you’re working on an interesting project and would like to get in touch, you can contact Nikita on his email, Facebook, or Instagram.

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