On a daily basis we publish news and research on topics around hardware development and hardware manufacturing.

What do we publish?
We publish articles that are really relevant to our community of hardware developers and entrepreneurs. This means anything that’s interesting to them and helps inspire, inform and educate them.

Topic examples are: digital manufacturing, robotics, drones, research, crowdfunding campaigns, virtual and augmented reality, artificial intelligence,  startups, hardware related software (e.g Autodesk Fusion), funding rounds for hardware companies, product releases

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What do we not publish?
We don’t publish general tech news that’s not hardware related and has no impact on our target audience.

Examples are: Mainstream electronics like laptops, cell phones or television (unless there’s a clearly unique factor to the story), hardware unrelated software, etc
If you have relevant news to share which you feel would resonate with our community please send it to us via the form or email at cameron [at] wevolver [dot] com

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About Wevolver Hardware News

Hardware News by Wevolver provides the latest news, research, and resources that people need during the hardware development journey.

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