The Making of the Veserium 2.0

The Veserium team is sharing the story and the process of building Veserium 2.0, and shows the work that went into creating their new LED suits and our new visuals. They discuss the ideas that spawned Veserium 2.0, the journey of taking that from concept to reality, and about all of the ways that they’re trying to showcase their music and their control over sound.

The core of the technology is a pair of gloves that allows them to control music in thin air with motions and gestures. With this tech, they’re able to literally shape sound—molding and sculpting it as they please.

Veserium is a team that started out as college roommates. Two engineering students that connected over a shared passion for both music and technology. Being bright-eyed students, they had the audacity to believe that they could make a musical instrument that was expressive, intuitive, and powerful. They imagined an instrument that would allow them to shape sound as if it were an object held between their hands.

They found out quickly that creating this technology was not easy—their first prototype was held together by hot-glue and sounded like a dying mosquito, but at least it was a start. Over the next few semesters, they built many new prototypes, researching and experimenting with all types of technologies, from movie motion-capture suits to medical tracking devices. Two years later, by the time they were graduating, they found that they had actually created something good.

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