Four-Armed Robot Uses Deep Learning to Compose Music

Georgia Tech's Shimon was trained on more than 5,000 songs and two million music clips, and can now compose completely original music.

The Georgia Tech Center for Music Technology, led by Gil Weinberg, has a reputation for doing incredible musical things with robots, with a mix of creativity and technical expertise in robotics and AI. Their latest creation, Shimon, is a four-armed expressive robotic marimba player, which can analyze music in real time and improvise along with human performers.

It’s been in development for some years, but researchers recently provided Shimon with a vast amount of musical data: more than 5,000 complete songs, two million motifs, riffs and short passages of music. It was then asked to compose and perform its own music.this is the first time it has composed its own music. Once it had been fed the data it was able to use deep learning techniques to create two 30 second pieces of original music.

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