3D Printable Robot Controlled Using HTC Vive Developed in Russia

Alexander Gan hopes that the Adam Robot will encourage more young people to get involved in the emerging field of "VR-robotic integration".

Alexander Ganyushkin sees a problem in robotic education for children: although there are “hundreds of robot clubs for children from 7 to 17 years,” these educational centers use primarily outdated technology. “How then can the future generation be trained to work on more advanced devices?” he asks.

That’s why he created the Personal Robot Adam. Adam is a $9,000 programmable humanoid robot for education and research. With its help, you can solve a number of unsolved or partially solved problems such as positioning of manipulators, orientation in space, kinematics in dynamic mode, recognition of objects, construction of a three-dimensional model of the scene. Additionally, the robot will attract young users with its cute face and evident personality. These features will help prepare highly qualified personnel in the field of robotics.

The project is unique in the use of active stereo 3D vision system. Adam can change viewing angles and easily recognizes objects. It can estimate the distance to the desired objectives and works on the principle that the closer to the goal, the more accurate assessment of target coordinate readings. Adam also has a control system that allows you to control him in one or two clicks.

The robot is controlled by VR HTC VIVE. Users wear a Virtual Reality headset, and the robot mirrors their actions. This new creation is a result of a collaboration with VRLab-DV, a virtual reality company.

Alexander Ganyushkin hopes that Adam will encourage more young people to get involved in the emerging field of “VR-robotic integration”.

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